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If you have a toothache and can’t get to the dentist, this link might help in case of emergenies. Becky




So another TDA (Texas Dental Association) meeting has come and gone. Not only did we take our courses to stay current in the dental field but we all got together for lunch. Cindy Pierson joined us and we caught up with all her news. I know a lot of patients have asked about her and she is doing fine and loving retirement. We had some awesome food at Yard House. Great food great company! I hope everyone’s Spring is going well and we look forward to seeing you at the office.     Becky




This is a farewell message from Cindy Pierson, Dr. Douthit’s assistant, recall secretary and a little bit of everything. To all of our patients that I have had the privilege of knowing and working on. You have become like my extended family over the 30+ years that I have worked for Dr. Douthit. I will be retiring January 1, 2018. I have taken all that I can take and I can’t take anymore!!! Ha Ha. Not really, it has been a wonderful and fulfilling career. Dr. Douthit has been a boss that most just dream of having. He has allowed me to acquire the skills needed and to flourish in an environment of professionalism with just the right amount of freedom to be myself. I can’t say enough good things about him. He is kind, considerate, caring and does excellent work, an asset to his profession.

As I come to the end of my career, I wonder where the time has gone. It’s been quite a roller coaster ride, with lots of ups and downs, thrills and anticipation of what was going to happen next. The times of laughter and tears, hopes and fears that I have been blessed to share with you will always be a part of me.

Thanks for the memories!

My husband and I live on a farm with cows, chickens, cats, a horse and a dog with lots of grass to mow. Ha Ha so that in itself is another job! We also own a 16 space RV Park which we maintain. Between these two other jobs and retirement I hope to do some traveling around America. There are so many beautiful places to see in this wonderful country we live in.

I wish for you and yours only GOD’S best and pray that he will continue to watch over you and bestow his love, joy, strength and healing mercies on you and your families.

We will be having a retirement luncheon at Luby’s on Walzem Rd. from 12:00 p.m. till 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, December 20th. You are all invited to join us.





19 Habits that wreck your teeth: Please see link below


We have some exciting and wonderful news. We are happy to congratulate Cindy Pierson for 30 years of terrific service in our office. Cindy is always smiling and laughing and we have been blessed to have her as an employee.

The holidays are fast approaching and we want to wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season. Out office will be closed some additional days over the holidays. This will be our schedule:

We will be closed Thursday November 24th so we can spend time with our families on Thanksgiving.

Also we will be closing early December 22 at 1:00 pm and will re open Monday January 2nd at 8:00 am in observance of Christmas and the New Year

Gum Disease

Many people do not realize that there are numerous connections between periodontal disease and overall general health. Periodontal disease is frequently correlated with diabetes, heart disease, obesity and of course premature tooth loss.

Periodontal diseases are collectively the most common diseases known to mankind. Good dental hygiene and regular dental preventive visits are the first steps to prevent and control gum disease.

What is Bruxism?

Bruxism is the grinding or clenching of the teeth. It can be stress related or habit. Applying force to your teeth can wear down the enamel and cause sensitivity or even break or fracture your teeth. What people may not know is that it can also lead to TMD( Temporomandibular Disorders), earaches, and headaches. To help prevent this your dentist may recommend a mouth guard. If you find yourself grinding talk to dentist. For more information see


This is an important need to know fact!

It is not a normal occurrence for your gums to bleed upon brushing or flossing. It actually is a warning sign that your gums are in need of attention from your Dentist, Hygienist and most importantly you.

If you are experiencing signs of irritation or bleeding please take action it may be the difference between keeping or loosing those valuable teeth. REMEMBER HEALTHY GUMS DON’T BLEED!     Cindy L. Bergman RDH




New Year New Smile!

We are pretty excited about our new whitening product call Opalescence Go! Dr. Douthit has tried it and we have all seen a significant improvement in the color of his teeth in just 3 applications. I personally tried the sample product and saw difference in the color of my teeth in just one application. So come on in and either purchase a sample or a 10 day kit from us. I think you will be happy with the results. If you would like to read up about this product click this link:

Becky 1/25/2016



Summer Time! 😆

We want to welcome Ariel May to our office family. She is here right out of dental assisting school, doing her externship. She is proving to be a wonderful asset to our office.

We will be open all summer except for the week of July 6- July 10 for our vacation. Remember to book early for your summer dental check ups. We do get book up fast right before school starts back up. And as always we welcome new patients. Have a wonderful and safe summertime!




I’M Back!!!

I have returned back to work after 8 months of leave because of knee surgery.  I would like to thank you all for your kind thoughts, words and prayers.  Our long time patients have become  like a second family to me and I have missed everyone.  It is good to be back, although sleeping in was pretty nice too!  Ha  Ha   I look forward to seeing each and everyone of you as you return for your appointments.   I am no longer going to be assisting but I will be working recall and helping Becky up front.     Yours truly,   See you soon.      Cindy Pierson  6/23/2014



Happy Valentines Day!

With the Holiday coming up there is nothing better than a bright smile.( See our web special). With the New Year comes New benefits for most dental insurance carriers. Don’t forget to schedule your dental cleanings and past treatment that might be needed. We are accepting new patients and if established patients refer their extended family or friends we offer a reward program(limitations apply please talk to staff to learn about our reward program.)



September 9, 2013

For such a small part, the teeth can dramatically impact the rest of the human body. Many people suffer from toothaches, but not all toothaches are the same. Dull tooth pain is far different than throbbing tooth pain, and they are both different  from sharp, biting pain.  This time of the year, more and more patients suffer from the common cold or flue. When patients are affected by cold or flue symptoms, tooth pain can often  follow.

In some cases, people can develop sinus infections following an illness. During a cold or flue, the sinus cavity becomes overwhelmed by mucus and fluid. This flue contains harmful bacteria which can lead to infections. Once the sinuses are infected, swelling occurs. It is the swelling which results in many patients experiencing upper teeth pain.  

Most patients report the pain as aching or throbbing and difficult to pinpoint a direct source. The swelled sinus cavity is causing the pain, and once the sinus infection is cleared up, the pain should subside. Typically, sinus infection can be treated with prescribed antibiotics.

For full article  Please see,




June 20, 2013









We only have one thing to say………


GO SPURS GO!!!!!!!!!










February is Dental Health Month

Diabetes and Oral Health Problems


Is There an Association Between Gum Disease and Diabetes? For the nearly 21 million Americans that have diabetes, many may be surprised to learn about an unexpected complication associated with this condition. Research shows that there is an increased prevalence of gum disease among those with diabetes, adding serious gum disease to the list of other complications associated with diabetes, such as heart disease, stroke and kidney disease.


Is There a Two-Way Street? Emerging research also suggests that the relationship between serious gum disease and diabetes is two-way. Not only are people with diabetes more susceptible to serious gum disease, but serious gum disease may have the potential to affect blood glucose control and contribute to the progression of diabetes. Research suggests that people with diabetes are at higher risk for oral health problems, such as gingivitis (an early stage of gum disease) and periodontitis (serious gum disease). People with diabetes are at an increased risk for serious gum disease because they are generally more susceptible to bacterial infection, and have a decreased ability to fight bacteria that invade the gums.


The Surgeon General’s Report on Oral Health states that good oral health is integral to general health. So be sure to brush and floss properly and see your dentist for regular checkups.


If I Have Diabetes, am I at Risk for Dental Problems? If your blood glucose levels are poorly controlled, you are more likely to develop serious gum disease and lose more teeth than non-diabetics. Like all infections, serious gum disease may be a factor in causing blood sugar to rise and may make diabetes harder to control.


Other oral problems associated to diabetes include: thrush, an infection caused by fungus that grows in the mouth, and dry mouth which can cause soreness, ulcers, infections and cavities.


How Can I Help Prevent Dental Problems Associated with Diabetes? First and foremost, control your blood glucose level. Then, take good care of your teeth and gums, along with regular checkups every six months. To control thrush, a fungal infection, maintain good diabetic control, avoid smoking and, if you wear them, remove and clean dentures daily. Good blood glucose control can also help prevent or relieve dry mouth caused by diabetes.


What Can I Expect at My Checkup? Should I Tell My Dental Professional About My Diabetes? People with diabetes have special needs and your dentist and hygienist are equipped to meet those needs — with your help. Keep your dentist and hygienist informed of any changes in your condition and any medication you might be taking. Postpone any non-emergency dental procedures if your blood sugar is not in good control.


Happy New Year!

We want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Along with the New Year most patients also have new insurance benefits, so if you have been putting off work that needs to be done because of lack of insurance benefits, now might be a good time to get started! Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about your benefits or planned treatment.      Becky

Happy Holidays!      Becky 11/20/2012

We want to take this time to wish each and everyone of our current or future patients a happy and safe Holiday Season! May it be filled with the Joy and Peace of the Holiday Season and may the New Year find you healthy,wealthy and blessed!


Dental Insurance patients!

Almost all dental insurance benefits are structured where yearly benefits do not roll over or accumulate. For many people who are in need of dental treatment this is the time of year to cash in on those dental insurance benefits. If you are in need of a cleaning and checkup most plans pay for these visits twice a year or more. If you have had work done this year then you have probably satisfied your deductible and can have additional dental treatment done this year without paying another dedcutible. For patients who need extensive dental work we frequently co-ordintate benefits in order to maximize your coverage, doing part of the work this year and the rest in 2013.

Give us a Call, it won’t be long until we’re celebrating another New Year!!


Change is staff


We want to take this opportunity to say goodbye to 2 of our staff members. Marie Valdez and Jo Ann Dawson. Marie has decided to retire after many years, and Jo Ann is moving out of state. We love you both and you will be sorely missed. 😥


On a happier note we want to say hello to our new Hygienist( Cindy Bergman) and our new Assistant ( Isabel Sosa). Cindy has worked in the Kirby area for 25+ years and Isabel has worked in the San Antonio area for 24+ years. Welcome to both they already feel like one of the family. I will be adding pics as soon as they let me take them!LOL! But here is a pic from Jo Ann’s going away party.



November 23, 2011

New research is suggesting a link between diabetes, heart disease and gum

disease.  Gum disease is a bacterial infection that can affect conditions

outside your mouth.  The bacteria enters the bloodstream and activate

cells that produce inflammatory biological signals that have a

destructive effect throughout the body.  The bacteria enter the blood-

stream where they attach to the fatty deposits in the heart blood

vessels.  This condition can cause blood clots and may lead to heart

attacks.  In the pancreas, the cells responsible for insulin (blood

sugar) can be damaged or destroyed.  Once this happens, it may

trigger Type 2 diabetes – even in a healthy individual with no other

risk factors for diabetes.      

Taken from Colgate Health Reports


November 8, 2011

Attention Dental insurance Patients:Some people do not realize that dental insurance benefits do not accumulate or roll over from one year to the next. Also most people have already met their annual deductible at this time of the year. People with unused dental benefits(including flex spending accounts) who have remaining benefits and who have dental work pending would benefit from having dental work finished by the end of the year. This way your are maximizing your benefits and using any remaining benefits left from insurance or even flex spending accounts. You know what they say…use it or lose it!

October 28, 2011

We hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween. Please be mindful of strangers and remember all that candy can cause tooth decay. Flossing and brushing immediately after eating candy will help prevent tooth decay.  Becky

October 18, 2011

Just a little useless info:

The only part of the body that you can tickle yourself is the roof of your mouth. LOL! 😯


Oct. 10, 2011

We want to take a few minutes and wish Cindy a very Happy Birthday, We love you Cindy!!!

Sept. 27, 2011

Fall is here.  Football season, cooler weather?  Time to enjoy family and friends.

Hope your holidays are as special to you as you are to us!    Cindy

Sept. 21, 2011

I wanted to share a pic from Dr. Douthit’s Birthday, we went to Hill Country bakery and a wonderful man by the name of Fred Bey gave us a tour. We had a great time. Thanks Fred! Plus we got yummy cakes!!!   😆   Becky   

Sept. 20,2011

Today was Dr. Douthit Birthday 50 and holding (LOL!) Happy Birthday Dr. D From all your wonderful and beautiful staff!!!

August 23, 2011

Scientific and medical research has proven that there is evidence that periodontal(gum) disease can contribute to heart diseas. The exact same bacteria found in the mouth of people with gum disease has also been found in the heart of people with heart disease. Dr.Tom Douthit

June 21,2011

We want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe and happy July 4th holliday.      Tom Douthit & staff

May 25, 2011

Today I would like to share a link to a website that I have found to be uplifting. It has stories from everyday people who do or say small things that help or make other people feel good. We all need a little bit of encouragement from time to time. 😉

New Blog

So I just wanted to say hello and welcome you to our new blog page. This is our first day of blogging. I hope it’s not like learning to ride a bike because that was painful!  Anyway check back and hopefully we will have something of interest to you.    Becky